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@skullhong: “Thank you for being with us till this late today. But let’s give a call to our parents who are worried. We’re going home now.. Sorry”

@FtGtJH: “@skullhong I love you”

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FT ISLAND interview about their ideal type

  • JaeJin:“I don’t really like pretty girls. I get tired of them easily even if I date them. I’m not good. Haha. I like kind girls. The reason I broke up recently is because of that too. Because our personalities don’t match, we were off easily. I’m was tired after breaking up so I’m trying harder to get a girlfriend. I’ve never dated a celebrity before. If there’s someone I like among normal people I approach them.”
  • JongHun:“I like good-mannered and kind girl. Without any make-up”
  • Min Hwan:“For me I like people who has looks like Kim Tae Hee, Han Hyo Joo and Lee Min Jeong. If they are sensible, that’s the best”
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